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Nouvelle traduction : 09. Imaginaires contemporains

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We will focus on a new topic of reflexion: “Imaginaries of the body and the material in contemporary culture”

Recent epistemological investigations into the fabric of meaning in contemporary culture have quite logically led to a reassessment of the phenomenological legacy and what it has to say to us regarding experience and the senses, whether it be those of the reader, the spectator, or the engaged observer. We will thus focus on the turn to what might be defined as a form of neo-materialism, or experiential materialism. The work done by visual culture scholars lile Martine Beugnet or Vivian Sobchack, and philosophers and political science specialists like Brian Massumi or Jane Bennett will provide the theoretical foundations for our reading of the “corporeality” of aesthetic experience as well as the emergence of a “digital” empiricism.

©Rachel Whiteread, Collected Objects, Tate.

Program 2018-2019

22 September 2018 : First meeting of the seminar « Imaginaires contemporains ». Clémence Folléa will be present Limor Shifman, Memes in Digital Culture (MIT Press,2014) or presentation of contempory art at the 2018 Burning Man Festival.

Program 2017-2018

22 June 2018 :Jessica Luck (California State University San Bernardino, invitée du LARCA): “Prosthetic Poetics: Contemporary Poetry of Disability.”

28 May 2018 : Martine Beugnet: "(Spectral Corporealities: Embodiment and the Penitentiary Gaze)”.

09 April : in collaboration with « Culture Visuelle » and « Frontières du littéraire » : Claudia Tobin, Leverhulme Fellow, Cambridge University : “Virginia Woolf and the Intoxication of Colour”

19 February : Andrea Pinotti (IEA / Université de Milan) : “In & Out. Le seuil de l’image mis en question”

11 December : Daniel Jean (LARCA) : presentation of Damien Hirst’s exhibition at the Pinault Foundation for Art (Venice, 09/04/17 — 03/12/17): Treasures from te Wreck of the Unbelievable.

04 December: Lilly Hibberd, video-artist and post-doc in residence with LARCA: presentation of her project “Immersiff”.

13 November: Martine Beugnet (LARCA) : presentation of Mark B. N. Hansen’s New Philosophy for New Media (MIT Press, 2006).

02 October: collective work on the New Objects of Visibility project.

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