Peripheral Knowledges

“Peripheral Knowledges”, an interdisciplinary seminar, aims to combine insights from contemporary debates in critical race theory and decolonial studies on knowledge prod...

The Periodical Press Seminar

The Periodical Press Seminar (linked to the ongoing ‘Periodical Press: From Paper to Digital’ Project is resolutely interdisciplinary and investigates the manifold forms/...

Contemporary Cultural Imaginaries

We will focus on a new topic of reflexion: “Imaginaries of the body and the material in contemporary culture” Recent epistemological investigations into the fabric of mea...

Victorian Persistence

The present-day globalization of Victorian writing can be traced back to the extraordinary plasticity of its textual and visual forms, as it travels from place to place a...

Political History Seminar

This research group is devoted to the history and politics of English-speaking countries, using methodological tools from social, intellectual and cultural history to ask...


Gender Studies Working Group was established to bring together faculty members and doctoral students of LARCA (Research Laboratory for Anglophone Cultures) at Anglophone...

Slavery and Slave Societies

Esclavages et sociétés esclavagistes. Amériques, Afrique, Europe XV-XIX siècles : Ecritures et savoirs Séminaire organisé par Charlotte de Castelnau L’Estoile (ICT) et Ma...

A19 Seminar

Focusing on the long nineteenth century, A19 studies American literature in relation to history, art history, philosophy, and the sciences. Its members and invited speake...

Writing History from the Margins

Ce séminaire de travail interdisciplinaire se réunit 2 à 3 fois par an maximum. Il est organisé par Marie-Jeanne Rossignol, Cécile Roudeau et Mélanie Torrent. Il s’agit d...
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