Gordien Ary


Research themes

  • Anti-racism and race relations in the Caribbean and in mainland France
  • Nationalism, ethnicity and identity politics in the Caribbean
  • Dance, traditionalism and folklore
  • Gender and LGBTQ+ Studies
  • Slavery and memory policies in the Caribbean and in mainland France

Current Project

PhD in anthropology, « Nationalism, race and ethnicity in Guadeloupe : The ambivalence of identity making in a context of political dependence”.
2019 – present: Research fellow in Anthropology at Université de Paris/LARCA, CNRS, Paris.

  • January 2018 – June 2019: Post-doctoral fellow at Université Paris 8, CERA, IHTP.
  • February 2019: Qualified by the Conseil national des universités, sections 11 (Langues et littératures anglaises et anglo-saxonnes)
  • September 2017 – May 2019: Teaching assistant in English and anthropology at University Paris Descartes-Paris 5.
  • August 2016 – July 2017: Post-doctoral fellow at Institut de Recherche pour le Développement within a research project entitled Repairs (Compensation, reparations and indemnity for slavery, Europe, Africa and the Americas 19th -21st century), funded by the French National Agency for Research.
  • February 2016: Qualified by the Conseil national des universités, sections 20 (biological anthropology, ethnology and prehistory)
  • November 2015: PhD in Anthropology, University Paris Descartes-Paris 5, supervised by Francis Affergan.
  • 2010: Master’s degree in anthropology, Université Paris Descartes-Paris 5.
  • 2007: Maîtrise (4 year degree) in Applied Foreign Languages (English and Spanish), Sorbonne University Paris 4


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