Serme Jean-Marc


Research themes

  • Regional history of the Old South-west
  • Relations between Native Americans, Euro-Americans, and foreign powers in the lower South from the Revolution to the War of 1812
  • History of social and family relations among the Old South-west economic and political elite

Current Project

I am starting a project based on the relations and cultural consequences of the interactions between Muscogee-Creek groups, the states surrounding Creek country, and Spanish and British authorities to the South, between the end of the War of independence and the War of 1812. The main idea is to look into cultural change and intercultural skills as Native Americans experienced pressure by both the federal and federated states.

Education and Academic Positions

I have taught US Studies at the University of Western Brittany (Brest and Quimper) since 1998. I defended a PhD dissertation entitled Andrew Jackson: l’homme privé (the private man) on Jackson’s private relationships in 2001 and was hired by the same institution as an associate-professor that same year. I have taught there ever since.

Research Supervision

  • United States cultural and historical studies
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