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Clarisse Berthezène

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Title : Associate Professor

N.B. Clarisse Berthezène is currently working as a Science, Innovation and Higher Education Attachée at the French Embassy in London.


Research Themes :

  • Modern British History
  • Conservatism and the British Conservative Party in transnational perspective
  • Women’s movements, gender and politics
  • Volunteering and the voluntary sector
  • Religion and politics

Current Project :

My current project explores the political mobilisation of Conservative women in the period from 1918 to 1990 and the links between gender, politics and voluntary action. I co-edited with Julie Gottlieb a volume entitled Rethinking right-wing women. Gender and the Conservative Party, 1880s to the present (Manchester University Press, 2017). I am currently a co-investigator in a project funded by the European University Institute examining "European Trajectories in the Quest for Welfare and Democracy : Voluntary Associations, Families and the State, 1870s – 1990s." One of our aims is to publish a volume on the history of right-wing women and social action from a European perspective.

Education and Academic Positions :

  • 2003, Ph.D., University Paris III-Sorbonne Nouvelle. Dissertation Title : “Les conservateurs britanniques dans la bataille des idées. Le Ashridge Bonar Law Memorial College : des ‘conservateurs fabiens’ à la conquête des esprits, 1929-1954”
  • 2017, Habilitation à diriger des recherches, Université de Bourgogne. Title : “Vers une histoire transnationale des conservatismes. Mobilisations politiques et transformations de la société civile, 1883 à nos jours”
  • 2004-present, Lecturer, Université Paris-Diderot

Administrative Responsibilities :

  • 2011-2014 : Elected member of the CNU (Conseil national des universités)
  • 2011-present : Elected member of the Council of the LARCA, UMR 8225
  • 2014-present : Elected member of the Scientific Council of the Department of Anglophone Studies

Research Supervision :

I welcome applications from students interested in researching the following areas of twentieth-century British history :

  • popular politics
  • the history of Conservatism and the Conservative Party
  • women’s movements, gender and sexuality
  • volunteering and the voluntary sector

Selected Publications :

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