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Bakshi Sandeep

Associate Professor

Postcolonial Theory and Literatures

Queer Theory and Literatures

Decolonial Studies

South Asia: Cultures and Diasporas

Racism and Discrimination

Bernard Catherine

Professor of English Literature and Visual Studies

Contemporary English fiction

Modern and contemporary art


History of modern aesthetics

Politics of aesthetic forms

Berthezène Clarisse

Professor of Modern British History

Modern British History

Conservatism and the British Conservative Party in transnational perspective

Women’s movements, gender and politics

Volunteering and the voluntary sector

Religion and politics

Beugnet Martine

Professor in Visual Studies

Cinema and video art (phenomenology, aesthetics, reception)

Forms and pratices of the moving image in the era of the digital

Image and scale (visual culture and « Gulliverisation »)

Technology, image and estrangement

Cinema and intermediality

Boussahba-Bravard Myriam

Professor in British History

19th c. British women’s history and gender history

Women’s politics, propaganda and reforms

British suffrage history, citizenship history

British press and magazines, particularly relating to women

Women in International exhibitions

British female internationalism before 1914

  • Cambray Carole

Cazé Antoine

Professor of American Literature and Literary Translation

American Poetry 19th-20th Centuries

Literary Theory

Translation Studies

Chantal, Vergniolle de, François

Professor, American Politics and Government

US Political Institutions

American Congress

Ideologies and political thought


Political Parties

  • Chouard Géraldine

Constantinesco Thomas

Associate Professor

Nineteenth-Century American Literature

Literature and Philosophy

Literature and History

Medical Humanities

Coussement-Boillot Laetitia

Associate Professor

William Shakespeare

Early Modern English Literature

Lady Mary Wroth

Early modern women writers in England

Cros Laurence

Associate Professor

Canadian historiography

Canadian foreign policy

The building of national identity in Canada

History and fiction

Delanoë-Brun Emmanuelle

Associate Professor

Visual studies (cinema, tv series)

Representing gender

Popular culture

American literature (late 20th, contemporary)

Genre literature and cinema

Deschamps Bénédicte

Associate Professor

US History

US immigration History

Italian-American History

Ethnic Press in the US

Eugenics in the US

Duplay Mathieu

Professor of American Literature

American literature

Anglophone Canadian literature

Drama and Opera Studies



Edwards Paul

Associate Professor

Visual Studies

The Photobook, Photoliterature, History of Photography

Comparative Literature, English and French Literature (Alfred Jarry and his period)

Literary Translation into English

Elefteriou-Perrin Véronique

Associate Professor, American studies and visual culture

History of American cinema and film periodicals

Interactions between film and history

Propaganda and censorship

Visual representations of Jewish-American culture

Fennetaux Ariane

Associate Professor

18th-century material culture

dress and textiles


global history


Follea Clemence

Associate Professor

Victorian literature and society, Charles Dickens

Adaptations and rewritings, cultural afterlives, intermediality

Videogames: narrative experience and immersion

Internet culture: aesthetics of online memes

Fournier Jean-Marie

Professor in Romantic Studies; Director of UFR Études anglophones

Romantic Literature



"Orientalism" (specifically in the Romantic period)

  • Hary Maggy

Hudelet Ariane

Associate Professor

Cinema, TV series and visual arts

Literature and film, intermediality

Audiovisual aesthetics

  • Imbert Michel
  • Jean Daniel

Kilgore-Caradec Jennifer

Associate Professor, Université Caen Normandie; member of LARCA

19th-21st C Poetry

American Literature


Religion and Literature

War and Peace in Literature

Kruth Patricia

Associate Professor, Université de Lille; member of LARCA

Film Analysis. Film Theory

Cinema and Painting. Cinema and Other Art Forms

Architecture, City, Landscape in Film

Representation of the American City in Film and Visual Arts

Oral History of Visual Arts and Cultural Institutions

Lang Abigail

Associate Professor

American poetry

Poetics (forms, genres, media)

Poetry and media (orality, performance, sound archive…)

Literary and cultural exchanges between France and the United States


  • Lejeune Catherine

Levillain Charles-Édouard


Churchill as historian.

Anglo-Dutch relations c.1650-c.1750.

Historiography of Louis XIV: Britain, Germany and the Netherlands (1850-1950).

Lounissi Carine

Associate Professor at University of Rouen; Member of LARCA

Republicanism and republicans at the end of the 18th century in the United States and in France

Transatlantic circulations of ideas and intellectual networks in the French and American Revolutions era

History of the image of the United States in France (1778-1800)

  • Marcangeli Catherine
  • Meigs Mark

Meskill Lynn S

Associate Professor

16th -17th Century Theatre

16th -17th Century Court Masque

History of the Book

History of Ideas


Niayesh Ladan


Early Modern Drama (Shakespeare and his contemporaries)

Early Modern travel literature

Receptions of Persia and the East in Early Modern Literature

Ogée Frédéric

Professor of British literature and art history


Art history

History of ideas

Landscapes and gardens

Long 18th century (1660-1851)

Potofsky Allan


History of the Atlantic World, 17th-18th centuries

France in America

The French and American Revolutions

Urban history, 17th-18th centuries

Prévost Stéphanie

Associate Professor, 19th C. British History

Politics (domestic, imperial, and foreign) of the UK in the 19th C.

Political, religious, artistic and literary representations of the Orient

Political parties, pressure groups, factions, philanthropic organisations

International relations and British diplomacy

Patriotism, nationalism, internationalism

Rossignol Marie-Jeanne


Slavery and antislavery in British North America and the United States 1754-1827

Slave narratives in the United States to the Civil War

African-American historians in the United States 1850-1950

  • Roudeau Sawyer Cecile

Schor Paul

Associate Professor

US Social History, 1860-1945

Immigration, minorities, gender, discrimination, segregation history (US, 1860-1945)

Consumers’ history

History of norms

Social history of popular music

Slauter Will

Associate Professor

History of publishing

History of media

Copyright and the public domain

  • Smith Di Basio, Anne-Marie
  • Souliman Victoria
  • Thornton Sara

Torrent Mélanie

Associate Professor

British foreign policy and diplomacy, 20th-21st centuries

Connected history of the ends of the European empires in Africa

History and politics of Commonwealth of Nations

International relations, multilateralism, internationalism, transnationalism

Trotignon Béatrice

Associate Professor, University Paris Dauphine; Affiliated Researcher, LARCA

Contemporary American Literature

Contemporary American Poetry

Text and image


Vasset Sophie

Associate Professor

Eighteenth-century Medicine

History of Infertility

Body Studies

Eighteenth-century literature

Performance Studies

Vinel Jean Christian

Maître de conférences

Labor history

Political History

History of Conservartism in America

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