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Mélanie Torrent

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Title : Senior lecturer


Research Themes :

  • British foreign policy and diplomacy, 20th-21st centuries
  • Connected history of the ends of the European empires in Africa
  • History and politics of Commonwealth of Nations
  • International relations, multilateralism, internationalism, transnationalism

Current Projects :

I am currently working on the impact of the ends of empire on British society, diplomatic networks and European construction. I am writing a book on the British Left and the war of Algerian independence (for I.B. Tauris). In partnership with Professor Kizitus Mpoche (University of Douala) and the Institute of Commonwealth Studies (London), I am organizing an international conference in 2018 on “Cameroon and the decolonisation of diplomacy : African perspectives on international relations”, as part of a larger project on “Anglophone” and “Francophone” spaces in Africa.

Education and Academic Positions :

A former student of the Ecole normale supérieure de Fontenay St Cloud, I hold an agrégation in English and joined Paris Diderot in 2006 as a senior lecturer, teaching British and Commonwealth history. I have been senior research fellow at the Institute of Commonwealth Studies (London) since 2013 and am currently a junior member of the Institut universitaire de France (2016-2021).

Administrative Responsibilities :

  • deputy chair of LARCA, and training correspondent for the CNRS (since 2014)
  • member of the Moot, the editorial board of The Round Table : the Commonwealth Journal of International Affairs
  • Elected member (substitute) of the Conseil national des universités (since 2015)

Research Supervision :

  • ends of empire and decolonisation
  • international relations, cultural networks, multilateral diplomacy
  • panafricanism

Selected Publications :

  • (with Claire Sanderson), (ed), La puissance britannique en question au 20e siècle / Challenges to British Power Status in the 20th Century, Bruxelles, Peter Lang, 2012.
  • Diplomacy and Nation-Building : Franco-British Relations and Cameroon at the End of Empire, Londres, I.B. Tauris, 2012.
  • (with Michael Parsons), (ed), « La politique étrangère britannique en Afrique depuis 1957 : acteurs, principes, pratiques », Revue Française de Civilisation Britannique, 18 (2), 2013, [].
  • « A “New” Commonwealth for Britain ? Negotiating Ghana’s Pan-African and Asian Connections at the End of Empire (1951-1958) », The International History Review, 38 (3), 2016, 573-613.
  • « ‘Brexit’ et le Commonwealth : nouveaux enjeux ? », Outre Terre, Revue française de géopolitique, 49(4), 2016, 338-361.

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