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Stéphanie Prévost

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Title : Associate Professor, 19th-century British history




Research Themes :

My research focuses on late 19th-century British political history (domestic, foreign and imperial) and more particularly on the way Britain responded to developments of the Eastern Question (in particular ’the Bulgarian atrocities’ of 1876 and ’the Armenian massacres’ of 1894-1896) and to the rise of Balkan and Armenian nationalisms, be it at the diplomatic, parliamentary or extraparliamentary levels.

My other research interests are :

  • Victorian representations of the Orient (political, religious, artistic and literary) and Victorian Orientalism(s)
  • British political parties ; foreign policy pressure groups and the vox populi
  • Liberal internationalism/ Liberal humanitarianism / role of the media in humanitarian diplomacy
  • Ideas of Britishness and nationhood and their link to subjecthood & citizenship ; British subjects abroad and their protection ; Britishness and the identity of immigrant communities
  • ’Government by Journalism’ and especially journalists like William T. Stead (The Northern Echo, The Pall Mall Gazette and The Review of Reviews) or Peter Clayden (The Daily News) ; the satirical press (in particular Punch)

Selected Publications :

  • « L’opinion publique britannique et la question arménienne (1889-1896) : Quelles archives pour quel récit ? » in Etudes arméniennes contemporaines, Numéro hiver 2016,
  • ‘“A reformed Buddhism […] would help in the distant future to bring about a mutual understanding” : Max Müller’s conception of religious reform, ecumenical dialogue and world peace’ (co-écrit avec Laurent Dedryvère), in : John Davis & Angus Nicholls (eds.), Friedrich Max Müller and the Role of Philology in Victorian Thought, Londres : Publications of the English Goethe Society, 85:2-3 (septembre 2016), 204-216.
  • ‘New perspectives on the Eastern Question/ Eastern Questions in Late-Victorian Britain, Or How ‘the Eastern Question’ Affected British Politics after 1881’ in : Catherine Delmas & Isabelle Gadoin (eds.), Représentations, « Appellations, définitions », Juin 2015,
  • « Les « abominations ottomanes » dans le discours libéral féminin au Royaume-Uni, (1875-1896) : de la dénonciation au militantisme féministe », in : Myriam-Boussahba-Bravard et Paul Pasteur (dirs.), ‘Les femmes prennent la plume’, Genre & Histoire, n° 14 (printemps 2014),
  • ‘W. T. Stead and the Eastern Question ; Or How to Rouse England and Why ?’, 19 : Interdisciplinary Studies in the Long Nineteenth Century, Birkbeck, n° 16 (2013),
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