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History seminar

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Program 2017-2018

  • 27 November 2017 : Alexandre Rios-Bordes (Paris Diderot, EILA-ICT), "Les savoirs de l’ombre : la surveillance militaire des populations étasuniennes (1917-1941)." 12h-14h, Bât. Olympe de Gouges, room 830.
  • 16 février 2018 : Rebecca Gill (Huddersfield University), "Democracy from above and peace through negotiation : exploring the internationalisms of three prominent women of the interwar period." 12h-14h, Bât. Olympe de Gouges, room 830.
    • Abstract : In this seminar paper I would like to take three prominent women – Nancy Astor, Lady Londonderry, and Emily Hobhouse - and explore their activism for international voluntary organisations (Save the Children Fund and the British Red Cross Society) in the interwar period. While Helen McCarthy has rightly called our attention to the need to examine the impact of voluntary associations in the new democratic politics of the interwar years, she has also argued that charity work is a good example of their political neutrality. In this paper, I take up McCarthy’s call to examine the place of such organisations in the re-formulation of voluntarism, internationalism, citizenship, and women’s rights, while at the same time challenging her notion that charity was somehow ‘above’ class politics. The aim is to re-examine these women’s biographies and commitments in light of their advocacy and activism, while exploring the role of such elite / aristocratic women in two of the most prominent non-governmental organisations of the period, the better to help understand their place in British public life. In doing so I seek to take up Julie Gottlieb’s challenge to rethink the politics of appeasement and internationalism with fresh eyes attuned to the place of non-political organisations, and to the role of class and gender, in interwar international affairs.
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